How to find a reputable escort post-FOSTA/SESTA

The best advice: plan in advance.

So, you’re considering hiring professional companionship – AWESOME! Most established escorts are still gladly accepting new clients while we work through overcoming the full implications of the new laws with our client’s invaluable support.

Do not expect to be able to see an escort without screening: this is impossible 98% of the time normally, and 100% after FOSTA/SESTA.

If you haven’t read about FOSTA/SESTA yet, here’s a great run-down.

How to book an escort experience after FOSTA/SESTA

Applies to major cities only.

  1. Find a provider you admire at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. Google her full name (include the city or “escort” if its a common name).
  3. Look for her website, twitter, ad, ad, or ad.
  4. Go to her website or real ad and read the information, especially on the “Booking” or “Contact” section. Can’t find it? Contact her to briefly ask where you should look, and you should receive a link.
  5. Contact her in the preferred manner – email, phone, or text – with all specific screening information and requested date, time, and length of visit. Be polite and succinct, don’t say anything sexual.
  6. Wait. Remember that escorts no longer have access to the tools we used to to screen you and stay safe, so it will take longer to confirm the date. Follow up after 24 hours if needed.
  7. The escort or her assistant will reply to you to either confirm the datesuggest an alternative time, and/or ask for additional details.
  8. You’re confirmed! Sit back, relax, and prepare to meet a new friend!

Having problems?

If her screening requirements don’t suit you or you can’t meet them, you should respectfully refrain from contacting this companion and look for a better fit.

Don’t contact an escort without including screening and date/time information. These are key, without them you probably won’t get a response, because what is there to respond to? If you’re flexible and can see her for 2 hours on [THIS DAY] at any time, or at [THIS TIME] on any day, say so.

If she hasn’t answered within 12-24 hours, quickly review her website again to ensure you sent all the requested information. Then, follow-up via text or email.

Use common sense

If you can’t find the companion of your choice advertising on her own and/or a mainstream website, there does not currently exist a stand-alone review platform to ensure she’s legitimate. Use caution.

If you receive a location or date confirmation without screening, do more research on this provider. It is unlikely this is from a reputable escort.

Do your research. Her online presence should go back at least a few months, and if you see the same name or pictures being used with many different phone numbers or in different cities simultaneously, that’s a red flag.


Have a good time!

(c) 2018 Elisabeth Laroux

20 thoughts on “How to find a reputable escort post-FOSTA/SESTA

  1. Wow, I wish I had this information when I first started in the hobby. And in the new age of FOSTA/SESTA, this is even more timely and helpful.


  2. Elisabeth this info is golden! If clients would follow this, life would be so much better for us and them. Lets get this message out there!


  3. Awesome post! Very well explained.
    I hope clients will take this advice and use it!
    It should be the standard. I know I would appreciate more potential clients using this etiquette.
    No more “hey you avail?” emails guys! 🙂


  4. I have seen several women offering prescreening even without identified dates, in case the tools currently available to vet clients are further affected by FOSTA. Their Twitter will likely inform you if this is the case.


  5. A very well timed article. With this lifestyle’s ecosystem being thrown off-kilter at the moment and both ladies and gentlemen staying largely with their already established professional network, new clients are likely to be screened *more*, not less.

    ~Mme X~


  6. hello im in the bay area and wanted to ask if i could repost this on my blog and this is wonderful information


      1. Of course girl you better believe I will I think this is very helpful info and I do know how hard work it is to keep up with our blogs And wanted to also let you know congrats on your site it’s very attractive and lovely


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